It’s 2015 and the London Courier Emergency Fund is hosting another great courier event here in London. So get ready for more London fun, sun, rain and pain. No doubt a bit of mayhem will kick off too.

    So get your diaries out and black out the middle weekend in September. Book your flights, and make sure you get into central London by 5pm on Friday 11th.
    As usual, we will be putting on a packed weekend of races, parties, silly games and goulash. We will be raising money for the London Courier Emergency Fund, which is still helping out injured couriers across the capital. Unlucky messengers rely on the LCEF to help them out when accidents happen, so we hope that with your help, attendance and party spirit, we can make sure the LCEF continues to exist and be there in times of trouble for all the London Messfam.
    We hope you will also be coming to the WISE BMC in Glasgow in August, and look forward to bringing the fun back down south just before the Autumn kicks in for real.
We are looking forward to having you all here in London Town with us, getting merry.